Ardbeg Whisky Uigeadail - Æske

Ardbeg Whisky Uigeadail - Æske

- Ardbeg Distillery

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Prisen gælder t.o.m. 23. maj 2022.

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94 Whisky Advocate Magazine

Launched in 2003, Uigeadail remains one of Ardbeg’s core offerings. Matured in a mix of sherry and bourbon barrels and bottled at cask strength. Peppery peat, warm tar, coffee grounds, machine oil, and black pepper on the nose. The palate is complex and rich, offering orange segments sprinkled with sea salt, dark chocolate, malt, and ever-present sweet peat. Nicely balanced. Lengthy in the finish, with smoky caramel.  Gavin Smith - Oktober 2018