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Since the beginning and up until today, our mission has always been to provide as many as possible with proper ingredients and produces to heighten the quality of everyday meals as well as the big celebrations. We do this in all corners of our universe, with a large selection of wines ranging from wines you enjoy on a Thursday night with your pasta to Fine Wines; collectors’ items and bottles for exquisite enjoyment. In our gourmet supermarket, we sell the best ingredients and produces from all over the world with a heavy influence of French produces, each and all of them handpicked by our skilled buyers. With the collaboration with the supermarket chain Netto, we are proud to deliver a wide range of products to many Danes. In Netto, we offer a broad variety of products for your everyday grocery shopping and for those special occasions, where the meal is the pivotal point. Today Løgismose is among the most recommended brands in Denmark.


In Netto you will find our Løgismose chicken; a French slow-growing, free-range chicken which is awarded with La Label Rouge – the French sign of quality assurance – and recommended by the Danish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Besides the chicken, we offer a selection of sausages, plant-based convenience solutions, cuts of chicken, ready-made meals, different types of organic flour, pickled greens, pesto and central to our selection of products is our wide selection of dairy products. 

Our dairy products are primarily produced in our dairy in Funen by our skilled and passionate dairymen. Ecology is central to all our dairy products, and a large number of the products are recommended by the Danish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals under the product range “Smagen af Frihed” (the taste of freedom). Fill up your fridge with our dairy products, such as milk, heavy cream, yoghurt, butter, cheeses, including our well-known smoked-cheese, crème fraiche and many more – all organic and made from high quality milk.    

Today Løgismose is among the most recommended brands in Denmark.

Løgismose Mejeri in Funen traces back to 1969 and up until today, the dairy has been producing high quality dairy products with profound respect to traditional craftmanship and taste as the primary marker to steer by. Skilled and passionate craftsmen go to work at the dairy every day, and the end result is a broad range of dairy products of sublime quality, produced with deference to animal welfare, supreme taste and traditional craftmanship. Our famous smoked cheese with a recipe that has not changed since its origin in 1936, is produced in the traditional smoking chamber in the dairy, to ensure consistent quality and taste in every product. 

Tracing back to 1969 – Løgismose Dairy in Funen

Enjoy the taste of freedom in all Løgismose dairy products

Hand-picked wine and French delicatessen – visit Løgismose at Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen