Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil Les Rouillères BIO

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil Les Rouillères BIO

2018 - Domaine Frédéric Mabileau

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14,5 La Revue du Vin de France

Tour de France des Vins de Plaisir - Juni 2020

winedoctor by Chris Kissack

Having visited Frédéric during harvest I have seen his dedicated approach to the picking and sorting, and I have witnessed his meticulous attention to detail first-hand. With that in mind, it is not surprising to me that he makes a range of wines of such obvious appeal. Les Rouillères is frequently delicious, bright and breezy, yet also pure and worthy of our drinking time. For more serious occasions, Eclipse offers a more potent vinous experience. Whichever cuvée you choose, however, the wines all offer top quality for their respective appellations, with pleasure aplenty in the glass. Chris Kissack - Marts 2017



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