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Porkoláb-völgy Kadarka

Porkoláb-völgy Kadarka

2018 - Heimann & Fiai

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17,5 Jancis Robinson

Cherry skins and goji berries (earthy, sweet, red, piquant, dry). Tannins so silky and slippery they almost undress the wine as you taste. Cranberry is too tart, raspberry is too sweet, redcurrant is too tart. It balances, on point, somewhere on a tightrope between them all, teasing the tongue to find what it is. It scuffs sweet woodland earth into the air. It throws red petals in the air. It’s heady with white pepper. It’s gentle (as with all these wines), but not effete. It curves like a long, soft feather, and then finishes with a red-ink flourish on old parchment. Tamlyn Currin - Maj 2020



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