Friuli Isonzo LIS

Friuli Isonzo LIS

2017 - Lis Neris

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    335,75 pr. stk - Spar 355,50


92 Falstaff Magazin

Friaul Trophy 2021. Othmar Kiem & Simon Staffler - Marts 2021

91 James Suckling

James Suckling - Oktober 2021

tidligere Robert Parker - The Wine Advocate

2016-årgangen: 95+ point. This extraordinary blend of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc is beautifully fresh, fragrant and lively. The Lis Neris 2016 Lis is packed with so much purity and personality, making this wine the protagonist when cast opposite a neutral dish of pasta or risotto with scampi. This balanced vintage shows its strengths with vertical intensity and an absolutely smooth and polished delivery. I just love this wine—and its relatively affordable price for the type of craftsmanship it represents. Monica Larner - Februar 2021



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